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radatherm ceramic engineering furnace electric laboratory high temperature 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800 dilatometer hot stage controller element microwave 2450 MHz 2.45 GHz directional coupler waveguide multimode singlemode applicator RF power measurement oven heating feedback thermocouple components rubber polymer denture digestion fixation pathology chemical processing drying curing sintering insulation variable continuous system forward loss attenuator detector coax coaxial design manufacture tube muffle elevator hearth gem stone heat treatment vertical horizontal box conveyor roller fast firing top hat ceramic fibre silicon carbide alumina aluminium oxide kiln shelf furniture diode circulator magnetron antenna cavity vulcanising vulcanizing molybdenum disilicide kanthal port eurotherm rath crucible castable sinter


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Company Overview

Radatherm Pty. Ltd (formerly trading as Ceramic Engineering and Refractory Specialties) is a wholly Australian owned company conceived in 1986. In 1999, Radatherm Pty Ltd, underwent a major restructuring and is now focused on the development and manufacture of more specialist equipment such as high temperature furnaces and variable power microwave devices.

Radatherm Pty Ltd, currently manufacture high temperature furnaces with operating temperatures from 1300°C to 1800°C. In addition to a range of standard furnaces, we can design and construct furnaces in various sizes and configurations to suit your applications.

Radatherm Pty Ltd also manufacture Variable Power Microwave Systems for various applications. Using an in house developed power feedback system, we have taken the humble domestic microwave several steps further and adapted it for numerous other applications including sintering of ceramic materials, polymerisation, curing of polymers, vulcanising of rubber, increasing the speed of chemical reactions as well as biological sample processing, just to name a few.

Using experience developed over the last 15 years, Radatherm have designed temperature controlled equipment for numerous applications including ceramic materials processing, coal testing, elevated temperature mechanical testing etc. Innovative design concepts combined with engineering expertise have kept Radatherm at the forefront of furnace and microwave design. Using ergonomics and operator experience, our equipment is designed to perform to specified operation limits day in and day out, with a minimum of maintenance.

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Radatherm Pty Ltd
Mailing Address : P.O. Box 7188 Wetherill Park, NSW, 2164, Australia
Factory Address : 220 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164
Telephone 02 9756 4660 (International) +61 2 9756 4660
Fax 02 9756 4552 (International) +61 2 9756 4552
Email sales@radatherm.com.au


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